I grew up in a city of cars, with a 2 hour walk to the closest train station. I learned to drive at 18, bought my first car at 20, and drove most days of the week for years. Yet, I'm much happier without a car. In hindsight, car culture feels like a jail that I didn't realize I was born into.

Luckily, all it takes to leave is a one-way flight.

In my adopted city, I don’t need to own a car. I can walk to one of three different train stations within 10 minutes, hop on the train, and be where I want to be – usually – in about 30 minutes. There's always the option to take a taxi, but they're often no faster than the train. And if I really feel like driving, maybe to get out to the distant mountains, there are more car rental shops within walking distance than there are train stations.

Which is not to say that nobody owns a car within this city. Many people do. They're incredibly useful tools. The thing is, at least where I live, they’re optional. You can choose to live without one, and many people actually do. Because in a city designed for people, life can actually be better that way.