I think I’ve finally figured it out. I think I’ve finally realized what this appsite is missing.

The Daily Paragraph is missing a way to interact with the authors.

So what exactly should this mechanism look like?

Well for starters, it should not look like a “like” button. Healthy communication requires more finesse than that single syllable can provide. Especially in a medium where non-verbal communication is off limits. And especially when many things worth writing are not things that you’d want people to “like”. Hell, the original “like” button wasn’t designed for communication in the first place; it was designed to track you and gather your personal information. Yet despite this, or maybe because of this, liking has become the default way to communicate on the internet. This needs to change.

So should the communication mechanism look like a “comment” button instead? I’d argue against it. Comment buttons are the opposite of like buttons; they raises the barrier to communication so high as to make you think twice – at least for genuine communication. Because the thing is, comment buttons aren’t really for communication with the author at all. They’re for performance. It’s like they were designed for narcissists and bullies… yes, I understand the irony of me writing this. Takes one to know one, I guess. But I digress.

So what this appsite is missing is not a like button, nor a comment button. But what it is missing is a way for you to share a little bit of your day with the author that shared with you. A way to interact without making a performance of it. A way to communicate like humans again.

What The Daily Paragraph is missing is a “mail” button. So I guess I better start building it.

I’ll probably charge for stamps.