So I’m a little stuck at the moment. The problem is that I don’t actually know that you’re reading this. There’s no system in place for me to count the number of wonderful people following along, let alone to engage in any kind of meaningful conversation with you. The app doesn’t even list my email address!

The problem is that writing here feels much like what I imagine talking with a (rather judgemental) blank wall would feel like. Which at first sounds odd. I mean, people have been writing books for centuries without like or follow buttons. But on second thought, even Jane Austen had data on the number of copies she sold — not to mention the ability to receive letters.

I guess what I’m saying is that after using this app for a week, it feels obvious that it’s not done yet. But what’s not obvious is how to finish it off. How do you facilitate communication over the internet, without optimizing for engagement? I’m honestly not sure… yet. But goddamnit if I ain’t gonna find out.