Today, while I was waiting for the train, someone walked behind me right as the train arrived, right as I was standing at the edge of the platform. The thought crossed my mind, all it would take for this person to kill me would be a small nudge. An accidental slip. And yet, they didn’t do it. Why?

Why is it that in a world where strangers can push you in front of trains, drive into you with cars, drop things on you from bridges and buildings, and ruin your day in an assortment of other ways, why is it that they don’t?

When I was growing up, I was taught that humans are evil at their heart. I was taught that we’re rotten at our core — that’s what The Bible says, you know.

But you know what? The Bible is fucking wrong. Humans are — as a rule — kind, caring, and beautiful. And anyone who thinks otherwise can go ask someone at a train station why they’re not pushing passersby in front of trains.