So I have this problem lately, where I don’t know what to call this… thing. This project. Because even if it’s a website, it’s not just a website. Hell, right now, it’s more word processor and misguided attempt to reinvent the wheel than website.

And the thing is, eventually it’ll also have native phone apps for publishing and reading on the go. It must, because only old people and weirdos use computers in this day and age. Yes, I am aware that I’m currently writing this on a computer, and you may well be reading it in the same outdated fashion. But I digress. Even if the project has an app, it’s not an app, because anything published from the app will also be available on the website, crawled on by search engines, taken out of context on by social media.

Maybe that’s what this is? Social Media? But that sounds kind of dirty. Nobody wants to be a social network. Besides, it’s not a social network. That’s what you call, you know, social networks. Those things we used to have in the real world. Lest we forget.

I think we need a new word for appsites like this. That’s what it is! It’s an appsite! I’m going to start calling it The Appsite and everybody is going to cringe and I’m going to keep doing it anyway. The Daily Paragraph is an appsite. The Appsite. Fuck the establishment I’m building an appsite!