Have you ever typed something into Google, just to see what it suggests next? If not, I highly recommend it as a way to kill 15 minutes. If nothing else, it’s a fascinating window into our AI overlords’ opinions of us lowly humans.

For example, say you type “I want to” into Google. In response, it’ll suggest that you may want to hold my hand, break free, or eat my pancreas (Google’s idea, not mine). Or, say you type “shit”; Google politely assumes that you’re thinking of Shitake mushrooms.

More soberly, if you type “I’m scared of” into Google, its best guess is that you’re scared of dying – followed closely by commitment.

Wait, actually, that’s probably what Google thinks about me.

Curiously, if you type “Fuck You” into Google, it can read the room well enough to hold off on further suggestions. Either that, or the engineers hard-coded an exception when they realized how often Google was suggesting that it should go fuck itself.