I’ve come to a realization this week: if the thing I spend the most time thinking about is writing code, the thing I’m going to find it easiest to write about is… writing code. And as someone trying to write and publish at least one paragraph a day, this leaves me with two options:

  1. Spend small amounts of time writing about problems that engineers will find interesting.

  2. Spend large amounts of time trying to write about something that everyone will find interesting, and probably fail miserably.

You know, I’d really like to write about things that non-programmers enjoy. But I also want to read what non-programmers have to say. And given that nobody can even sign up yet, well, it looks like as of tomorrow my daily paragraph is going to be documenting how I go about building this darn thing.

After all, if this project works, it’s not like I’ll be a full time programmer forever!