So for this past week, I’ve actually managed studied Japanese for at least half an hour, each and every day. In fact, I’ve probably been averaging more like an hour a day.

Or at least, I’ve been averaging an hour doing things that I label “study”.

In particular, I’ve been using a couple of apps to work through Japanese grammar and kanji. Although honestly, despite these apps taking a fair chunk of my time, I’m not sure how much I’m really learning.

If an app forces me to review kanji that I already know for hours on end, is that really study? If an app marks an answer wrong without being able to explain why, have I really learned anything other than that I should doubt the app’s answers?

This has always been the problem I’ve faced with Japanese language study. Whenever I give it a try, I’ll start to think “there has to be a better way to do this”. And then I’ll start spending time building my better app. And then I’ll stop spending time studying.

So I’m proud to say that this time, I’m still studying with the less-than-perfect apps. But I won’t promise that I won’t start building my own Japanese language study app anyway. Because I can promise that I can make a way better one… or at least I could, if I just stopped spending time on anything else.