A few people have asked me about this site, wondering “what’s the point? what will it achieve?” And while it’s hard to say how deep this rabbit hole will eventually go, what I can tell you is what I’m working towards.

My project here is to give people – to give you – all the good that the internet has to offer, without the faustian bargain that usually comes with it. To connect you with fascinating people and ideas, and then to get out of the way. To take back the power to decide where your attention goes. To treat you as a partner - not a product.

I can’t do this by myself though, and part of treating you as a partner is that I need your help. So if you have stories to share, if you know someone whose stories you’d like to hear, or if you would like to write code with me, then please send me an email at james@thedailyparagraph.com!

Let’s take back the internet from the advertisers.