Did you know that Facebook is designed to make you angry?

Of course, it’s not like Zuckerberg is some Bond-style villain who sat down one day and decided to piss off the world. He might have done that, but the reality is probably a little more mundane. Something like:

  1. Zuckerberg wants to sell ad clicks.

  2. In order to sell ad clicks, he first needs people to look at ads.

  3. In order to get you looking at ads, he needs to grab your attention.

  4. In order to grab your attention, he’s built a block box AI that watches everything you do on the internet, and as a result, knows you better than you know yourself and uses that knowledge to decide the best times to notify you and the best stories to feed you to “maximize engagement” (i.e. get you hooked).

  5. Oh and also, it just so happens that the best way to get you engaged is to make you angry.

So it turns out that Facebook isn’t designed to make you angry after all! It’s just an abusive parent raising a neglected AI child who just so happens to be destroying the world to get some attention, any attention. Not quite so bad after all!