Will I die from coronavirus?

What an easy-to-answer question! The answer is: no, you probably won’t. My evidence? Look around you. You probably know more people who’ve caught the virus — and recovered — than people who didn’t make it.

But there are people who didn’t make it. Literally millions of them.

It hurts to have to write that, but I feel like I do have to write it. I have to remind you, and anyone else reading this, that coronavirus kills people — all kinds of people — including people just like you. And just to drive this point home, let me read to you, dear reader, your chances of dying from coronavirus, assuming you’ve just tested positive.

  • In your 20s, you have about a 1-in-3000 chance of kicking the bucket. To put that in perspective, you’re safer going BASE jumping.

  • For your 30s, it becomes 1-in-900. Roughly as likely as winning 7th prize in the Powerball.

  • In your 40s, you have a 1-in-350 chance of dying. It’s more likely that you’re reading this on your birthday.

  • And that rises to 1-in-100 between the ages of 50 and 64.

  • Then between 65 and 75, you have a 1-in-25 chance. More likely than winning at a roulette table.

  • And if you’re over 75… around 1-in-6. Roll a dice?

With these probabilities in mind, let me ask you a question: how worried are you about those hypothetical vaccine side effects? Because see the numbers above? They’re the standard the vaccines have to beat. Safer than BASE jumping. Because if the vaccines don’t beat this thing, we’re all going to test positive eventually.