Where do you come up with all this?

A few people have asked me this lately. It's a fun question, because it gets right to the core of this website.

If you've decided to write a paragraph a day, then you have to write a paragraph a day.

Notably, you don't have to think that your paragraph is great, or even good. But you do have to write. And because of this, you start to pay attention to things. You start to grab hold of phantom thoughts that’d otherwise meld into the melange of daily existence. Thoughts like, "that's funny, this fruit is shaped like a little tokamak." And then you write about them, and discover that even when publishing for lack of anything better to say, from time to time, people actually enjoy what you’ve written.

What I've discovered in my sixish years of blogging is that I'm not terribly good at predicting what people will enjoy. Long pieces that I pour my heart into are often flops. Short pieces that I threw out because why not often end up being amongst my most popular. But not always. Really, it's just impossible to know.

What I do know is that each time I sit down and start writing, it's like buying a lottery ticket. I'll probably waste 5 minutes of my readers' time (although I don't feel particularly bad about this when the rest of the internet exists). But I might brighten somebody’s day. And lucky for me, humans tend to wear rose colored glasses; with time, they'll forget the filler, and just remember the parts worth remembering.

What I do know is that the more I write – the more any of us write – the more chance we'll have of coming up with all this.