Vaccines don’t prevent infections, so why bother?

For anyone who genuinely curious about this, the answer is that it's not a matter of black and white.

Vaccinated people are less likely to be infected, less likely to become symptomatic if they are, and then less likely to to be hospitalized even if they do. Vaccinated people have a far, far lower death rate.

Vaccinated people are also less likely to spread the virus – including to people who can't be vaccinated for whatever reason, and somewhat unfortunately in my opinion, also to people who choose not to be.

Think of it this way: sure, you can still die in an accident in a modern car. But would you rather do your daily commute in a car with crumple zones, air bags, and other modern safety features? Or would you rather drive a Ford Pinto with a tank that'll explode when you're rear-ended through no fault of your own. Like the vaccine, the modern safety features won't prevent all infections - but I know which car I'd be driving.