Reverse Culture Shock

In Tokyo, it rains. It rains with such frequency that when you do the math, it turns out that there are actually more umbrellas than there are people. There’s umbrellas in the train stations, hanging around in the alleys, browsing the shops, going for walks. If aliens were to land in Tokyo, they’d probably greet the umbrellas as the obvious overlords of the place.

In Perth, it rains too. But you wouldn’t guess it after asking my dear family “do we have an umbrella?”

“A what?”

“An umbrella. Because it’s raining and I want to walk to the shop.”

“No. Why would we have an umbrella.”

Maybe I should have explained that they keep you dry in the rain, but instead I thought to contribute to the household, and inquired where in the neighborhood I might purchase one of these handy devices.

“What? You can’t buy one. Just drive there like a normal person.”

You see, even if it rains in Perth, you never actually get rained on. It’s bizarre how it works like that.