Phones are incredible. I think one day, we’ll probably call this the “Phone Age”. I mean, think about it. They basically turn us into superhumans, letting us:

  • Tell the date and time, and get accurate reminders reminders.

  • Look up the meaning of words in thousands of languages, or entries in a public global encyclopedia. Or even get instant translations of entire texts.

  • Read most any book that’s ever been written.

  • Watch lectures, and participate in conversations.

  • Pay for things – both from online and physical stores. They’ll even let you tag on to public transit.

  • Light up a dark room.

  • Take photos and make films.

  • Order food or a taxi.

  • Find out where you are, right down to the latitude and longitude.

  • And then casually ask an artificial intelligence for directions to somewhere halfway across the world. Or for all sorts of other advice.

  • Get early warnings for a tsunami or earthquake.

  • Write and publish blogs – just like this one.

Phones are amazing, right? And the crazy thing is – they even let you talk to people on the phone!