On Fruit And Fusion

My lovely sister informed me recently that my recent musings have been depressing as fuck. So, to lighten things up a little, today I’ve decided to discuss the similarities between mandarin oranges and nuclear reactors.

To start with, peeled mandarins and tokamak fusion reactors are both shaped like donuts. Yes, peeled mandarins are shaped like donuts. Don’t believe me? Go peel a mandarin.

Next up, they both have some sort of wrapping-like-thing around the outside of the donut that’s tasked with keeping the less solid part inside the donut. In the case of mandarins, the white fibrous part holds in the juicy sugary bit. In the case of fusion reactors, superconducting magnets hold in a plasma that’s hotter than the sun.

Speaking of sugar and plasma, it turns out that both mandarins and fusion reactors are energy sources. Mandarins contain sugar, which your body can “burn” to create energy. Tokamaks contain a mess of protons, neutrons and electrons that when hot enough, through some miracle of physics, starts to get even hotter.

Yet another thing that mandarins and fusion reactors have in common is that neither of them will save us from climate change any time soon.

What, you thought I’d keep this light all the way through?